These discographies, tvgraphy, timeline… on “Go For Your Dreams”, as you can easily imagine, are based on extensive and intensive researches and on compilations of many different sources. Besides the extensive collection and personal knowledge I acquired through more than 30 years, since I'm following Diana Ross’s career, the main primary sources are:  

- Diana Ross “Secret Of A Sparrow”. Headline, 1993. 

- Mary Wilson, with Patricia Romanowski and Ahrgus Juilliard “Dreamgirl”. St Martin’s Press, 1986. 

- J. Randy Taraborrelli “Diana”. Doubleday 1985. 

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- Tony Turner, with Barbara Aria “All That Glittered”. Dutton, 1990. 

- Nelson George “Where Did Our Love Go – the rise and fall of the Motown sound”. St Martin’s Press, 1985. 

- Berry Gordy “To Be Loved”. Headline, 1994.
- Tom Adrahtas “Diana Ross – A Lifetime To Get There”. AuthoHouse, 2006. 

- Mark Ribowsky “The Supremes – A Saga of Motown Dreams, Succes, and Betrayal”. Da Capo Press, 2009. 

- David Bianco “Heat wave – The Motown Fact Book”. Popular Culture Inc. 1988. 

- Reginald J.Bartlette “Off The Record – Motown By Master Number, 1959-1989 - Volume 1: Singles”. Popular Culture Inc. 1991. 


These are uncountable, among them: 

- Don't Forget The Motor City ( 

- Seabear Studio

- Motown Junkies

- newsgroups archives ( 

- newspapers and States archives 


- … 


It’s out of question to forget to mention all the fantastic booklets of the many CDs and Expanded Editions that are released since several years.
So, a huge personal “Thank You” to: 
Harry Weinger,
Andrew Skurow,
George Solomon

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