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  The 60's: The Supremes (1964-1967) / Diana Ross And The Supremes (1967-1970)  
A side: Stop En Nombre Del Amor (Stop! In The Name Of Love) / Cupido (Cupid)
B side: Amor Juvenil (Baby Love) / Ven A Verme (Come See About Me)

Ref: 3332
Release date: 1965
Note: -

A side: Botas Para Caminar (These Boots Are Made For Walkin') / Agarrate Sloopy (Hang On Sloopy)
B side: Cuando La Luz Del Amor Brilla En Sus Ojos (When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes) / Muchacho De Ipanema (The Boy From Ipanema)

Ref: MAE-0002
Release date: 1966
Note: -

A side: Me Tenes En Un Si Y Un No (You Keep Me Hangin' On)
B side: Sacame De Esta Duda (Remove This Doubt)

Ref: MOT-1101
Release date: 1966
Note: 7" singles in Argentina are seldom seen with picture sleeves, most of the time they come with company sleeves only.