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  The 60's: The Supremes (1963-1967) / Diana Ross And The Supremes (1967-1970)  
In New Zealand, the singles  were released without picture sleeves and they mainly follow the US discography (besides the first six US singles which were unreleased in New Zealand and a few other additions and exclusions). Therefore, only the singles released before their first hit ("Where Did Our Love Go") and a few after are displayed here, the main interest being to display the different labels designs. Only one EP with a picture sleeve is known to exist and is displayed first.
A side: Love Child / The Happening / In And Out Of Love
B side: Someday We'll Be Together / Love Is Here And Now You're Gone

Ref: TMEP 902
Release date: 1970
Note: -

A side: Stop! In The Name Of Love / You Can't Hurry Love
B side: Love Child / Baby Love

Release date: 1980
Note: -

The singles distributed by His Master's Voice (HMV) were released under the Stateside label until 1965.

MSS-2045  -  1964
When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes - b/w: Standing At The Crossroads Of Love

Note: The following US single "Run, Run, Run" was not released in New Zealand.

MSS-2069  -  1964
Where Did Our Love Go - b/w: He Means The World To Me

MSS-2077  -  1964
Baby Love - b/w: Ask Any Girl

MSS-2081  -  1964
Come See About Me - b/w: Always In My Heart

TMM.601  -  May 1965
Stop! In The Name Of Love - b/w: I'm In Love Again
Note: This is the first single released after the launch of the Tamla Motown label in New Zealand. 

All the following 7" single were released with the same Tamla Motown label.

TMM.608  -  July 1965
Back In My Arms Again - b/w: Whisper You Love Me Boy

TMM.610  -  October 1965
Nothing But Heartaches - b/w: He Holds His Own

TMM.618  -  December 1965
I Hear A Symphony - b/w: Who Could Ever Doubt My Love

Note: the single "Children's Christmas Song - b/w: Twinkle Twinkle Little Me" was not released in New Zealand.

TMM.622  -  April 1966
My World Is Empty Without You - b/w: Everything Is Good About You

TMM.626  -  August 1966
Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - b/w: He's All I Got

TMM.630  -  Ocotber 1966
You Can't Hurry Love - b/w: Put Yourself In My Place

TMM.633  -  January 1967
You Keep Me Hangin' On - b/w: Remove This Doubt

TMM.639  -  April 1967
Love Is Here And Now Your Gone - b/w: There's No Stopping Us Now

TMM.644  -  June 1967
The Happening - b/w: All I Know About You

TMM.656  -  October 1967
Reflections - b/w: Going Down For The Third Time
Note: first 7"single credited as "Diana Ross and the Supremes".

TMM.665  -  February 1968
In And Out Of Love - b/w: I Guess I'll Always Love You

TMM.676  -  1968
Forever Came Today - b/w: Time Changes Things

TMM.685  -  1968
Some Things You Never Get Used To - b/w: You've Been So Wonderful To Me

TMM.700  -  December 1968
Love Child - b/w: Will This Be The Day

TMM.706  -  February 1969
I'm Gonna Make You Love Me - b/w: A Place In The Sun
Note: With the Temptations.

TMM.710  -  1969
I'm Livin' In Shame - b/w: I'm So Glad I Got Somebody (Like You Around)

TMM.717  -  1969
I'll Try Something New - b/w: The Way You Do The Things You Do 
Note: With the Temptations.

TMM.723  -  June 1969 
The Composer - b/w: The Beginning Of The End

TMM.727  -  1969
No Matter What Sign You Are - b/w: The Young Folks

TMM.735  -  October 1969
The Weight - b/w: For Better Or Worse
Note: With the Temptations.

TMM.738  -  December 1969
Someday, We'll Be Together - b/w: He's My Sunny Boy

TMM.752  -  May 1970
Why (Must We Fall In Love) - b/w: Uptight (Everything's Alright)
Note: With the Temptations. Not released on single in the USA.

TMM.775  -  November 1970
Rhythm Of Life - b/w: Sweet Inspiration
Note: With the Temptations. Not released on single in the USA.