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  The 60's: The Supremes (1964-1967) / Diana Ross And The Supremes (1967-1970)  

A side: My Favourite Things
B side: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Ref: CSP-1003
Release date: 1965
Note: -

A side: Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
B side: Joy To The World

Ref: CSP-1004
Release date: 1965
Note: This single reached the #1 spot in Singapore for 3 weeks (January 8 to 22, 1966).

A side: My World Is Empty Without You
B side: Everything Is Good About You

Ref: CSP-1005
Release date: 1965
Note: -

A side: You Can't Hurry Love
B side: Put Yourself In My Place

Ref: CSP-1009
Release date: 1966
Note: -

EP - Love Child
A side: I Can't Help Myself / Get Ready
B side: Love Child / Will This Be The Day

Ref: TME 201
Release date: 1968
Note: See also the Malaysian EPs for alternate sleeves.

A side: Someday, We'll Be Together / He's My Sunny Boy
B side: Blowin' In The Wind / Loving You Is Better Than Ever

 TME 202
Release date: 1969
Note: Same front and back cover.

Many other singles were released in Singapore but it's not known if they were released with picture sleeves or not (most probably not).

Among those singles, the following were listed in the charts:
- Where Did Our Love Go
- Baby Love (#1)
- Come See About Me (#1)
- Nothing But Heartaches
- My World Is Empty Without You
- Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart
- You Can't Hurry Love
- You Keep Me Hangin' On (#1)
- Some Things You Never Get Used To

No Diana Ross solo singles from Singapore are listed in this discography.