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In the 60's, the Supremes' singles were imported to Belgium from the Netherlands or France. Therefore, the Belgium discography begins with a single of Florence Ballard released during her short lived solo career and is followed by singles of the Supremes rereleased in the 70's. 

A side: It Doesn't Matter How I Say It
B side: Goin' Out Of My Head

Ref: 11074
Release date: 1968
Note: Florence Ballard recorded two 7" singles after her departure from the Supremes. Only one is known to exist with a picture sleeve in Belgium.


A side: Baby Love
B side: Stop! In The Name Of Love

Ref: 4C006-93518
Release date: 1972
Note: Same front and back sleeve.

A side: Baby Love
B side: Where Did Our Love Go

Ref: 4C006-98039
Release date: 1972

A side: Stop! In The Name Of Love
B side: Come See About Me

Ref: 4C006-98040
Release date: 1972