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  The 60's: The Supremes (1964-1967) / Diana Ross And The Supremes (1967-1970)  
Although there's no picture sleeves known to exist, many singles released in the Philippines are specific to this country. Singles are ordered by catalog numbers showing a very different sequence than the US releases.
Any additional information on titles released on singles only in this country is welcome. 

A side: With A Song In My Heart
B side: He's All I Got

Ref: MTN 1015
Release date: 1966
Note: -

A side: You Can't do That
B side: Ask Any Girl

Ref: MTN 1020
Release date: 1966
Note: A side from the Supremes' album "A Bit Of Liverpool" (1964).

A side: House Of The Rising Sun
B side: Do You Love Me

Ref: MTN 1023
Release date: 1966 (?)
Note: Songs from the Supremes' album "A Bit Of Liverpool" (1964).

A side: I Want To Hold Your Hand
B side: Because

Ref: ?
Release date: 1966 (?)
Note: Songs from the Supremes' album "A Bit Of Liverpool" (1964).

A side: You Can't Hurry Love
B side: Put Yourself In My Place

Ref: TMJ-117
Release date: 1966
Note: Promo single. The odd thing being the change of label (Tamla) compared to the other singles (Motown).

A side: Get Ready
B side: Shake Me, Wake Me (When It's Over)

Ref: MTN-1069
Release date: 1966 (?)
Note: -

A side: It's The Same Old Song
B side: Love Is In Our Hearts

Ref: MTN-1075
Release date: 1967
Note: -

A side: Forever Came Today
B side: Bah - Bah - Bah

Ref: MTN-1100
Release date: 1968
Note: -

A side: Some Things You Never Get Used To
B side: You've Been So Wonderful To Me

Ref: MTN-1119
Release date: 1968
Note: -

A side: I Want A Guy
B side: Baby Don't Go

Ref: MTN-1128
Release date: 1968
Note: Songs from the Supremes' first album "Meet the Supremes" (1962).

A side: Cupid
B side: Shake

Ref: MTN-1132
Release date: 1968
Note: Songs from the Supremes' album "We Remember Sam Cooke" (1965).

A side: I'm Gonna Make You Love Me
B side: A Place In The Sun

Ref: MTN-1163
Release date: 1968
Note: With the Temptations.

A side: I'm Livin' In Shame
B side: I'm So Glad I Got Somebody (Like You Around)

Ref: MTN-1170
Release date: 1968
Note: -

A side: The Composer
B side: The Beginning Of The End

Ref: MTN-1187
Release date: 1969
Note: -

A side: No Matter What Sign You Are
B side: The Young Folks

Ref: MTN-1194
Release date: 1969
Note: -

A side: Sing A Simple Song
B side: The Weight

Ref: MTN-1207
Release date: 1969
Note: With the Temptations. "The Weight" is usually on A side in the other countries. 

No Diana Ross solo singles from Philippines are listed in this discography.