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In her autobiography “Dreamgirl”, Mary Wilson refers to a movie the Supremes made: “Bikini Party”. This title also credits a photo in the magazine Ebony (June 1965 issue with the Supremes on cover). Actually, this movie doesn’t exist and is mistaken with the movie “Beach Ball” in which the Supremes performed two songs. “Beach Ball” is also the title of one of those two songs and its working title was “Bikini Party”. Another confusing information is found in the booklet of the Supremes’ 1965 concert program who states: “The Supremes number among their credits…two recent Hollywood films”: the T.A.M.I. Show was probably considered as a movie (as it was made for theaters) event though it’s a filmed concert with performances by many artists and then “Beach Ball” as the Supremes’ second movie.
Jan – March
Concert for the Prom at Yale University in New Heaven, CT, with Duke Ellington (as headliner?). 
Jan – March
Concert at the Colby College in Waterville, ME. 
Jan – April
The Supremes cut in a few short weeks an album of hits from Sam Cooke, and standards
January 1
TV show “Bill Kennedy's Showtime” (local Detroit TV show). The Supremes perform “Come See About Me” and receive an award. 
Note : the Supremes' performance was re-used for the Teen Town show the next day.
January 2
TV show “Teen Town” (Detroit TV show). The Supremes perform “Come See About Me”. The Supremes segment is actually a replay of the Bill Kennedy show (see January 1 and TVgraphy for more information).
- Concert at the Packard Music Hall, Warren, OH.
January 4
TV show “The Les Crane Show” (a late night talk show on ABC) (NY). The Supremes probably performed “Come See About Me” (unfortunately most existing shows were destroyed). According to the booklet of “More Hits By The Supremes – Expanded” this show was cancelled but it is listed in an official biography made by Motown (International Management Company) in 1969.
January 5
Last lead session for “Stop! In The Name Of Love” according to J. Randy Taraborrelli in “Diana” (p.68) which is probably erroneous. See also January 7 & 11.
January 7
Vocals (lead and background) on “Stop! In The Name Of Love” (version 1) according to the booklet of “More Hits by the Supremes – Expanded. See also January 11.
January 8
Recording session for “I just Want To Make You Happy” (produced by Ron Miller) (unreleased).
January 11
Re-recording vocals (lead and background) with additional vocals by The Andantes on “Stop! In The Name Of Love” (version 2, which became the original released version – see also January 7). 
Re-recording of “Take Me Where You Go” (see also December 16, 1964 and January 13).
January 13
Vocals (lead and background) on “Honey Boy”, “Whisper You Love Me Boy” (see also February 24), “Take Me Where You Go” (probably all the 3 existing versions – version 2 still unreleased).  
Vocals on “Remove This Doubt”. 
January (-)
Shooting of the Supremes' segments for the movie “Beach Ball” in California.
January 16
“Come See About Me” hits #1 for the second time (it was #2 in the meantime).
January 18
Recording session for “You’ve Been A Long Time Coming” (unreleased).
January 26
TV show “Hullabaloo!” (NBC, taped in New York). The Supremes perform “Come See About Me” and a medley (Where Did Our Love Go/When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes/Baby Love).
January 27
First recording sessions for the album “There’s A Place For Us” (unreleased until 2006). Vocals on “Somewhere” (version 1, 2nd overdub).
January 28
Vocals on “Baby, Baby, Wo Ist Unsere Liebe” (German version of ‘Where Did Our Love Go’), “Jonny Und Joe” (German version of ‘Come See About Me’).
January 30
Concert “The Battle Of The Sounds” at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, CA, hosted by Bob Mitchell and “Big Daddy” Tom Donahue (rock jocks at KYA radio). Along with the Supremes: the Ronettes, the Temptations, Sonny & Cher, the Shangri-Las, the Righteous Brothers, Bobby Freeman, Del Shannon, the Beau Brummels, J. Frank Wilson, Gary Lewis, Dionne Warwick, Dobie Gray, Ray Peterson… The Supremes performed three songs: “Baby Love”, “Come See About Me” and “Where Did Our Love Go”. 
February 1
Vocals on “Moonlight And Kisses” (German lyrics), “Thank You Darling, Thank You Baby (German lyrics). 
February 2
The Supremes perform at the Graystone Ballroom, Detroit, MI, for a Motown’s “Battle Of The Stars”.
February 5
Concert at the Apollo Theater, NY.
February 8
- Single “Stop! In The Name Of Love” released. The song will get a Grammy nomination for best contemporary rock & roll group vocal performance. 
- Vocals on the medley intended for
“Where The Action Is” (see February 18 and TVgraphy). 
February 17
Recording sessions for “Big City Babies Don’t Cry” (see also April 16) and “Fancy Passes” (one or first of many sessions). 
February 18
Taping of the Pilot episode of “Where The Action Is” (a Dick Clark production). The Supremes perform a medley of hits (Come See About Me/Baby Love/Stop! In The Name Of Love – the medley was recorded in studio on February 8). The Supremes can also be seen at the beginning credits in a car, during the Four Seasons’ segment (Diana, Florence and Diana’s mother Ernestine) and at the end with all the cast performing “Hard Day’s Night”. The pilot was recorded at Big Bear Lake, CA, for one of the two locations, the other one being at a beach with other artists. It was initially recorded for CBS, then bought by NBC and then by ABC but was not originally aired. The pilot episode was not broadcast until January 1st, 2006. A picture taken during that day is featured on the back cover of the LP “Merry Christmas” (1965).  
This show is erroneously credited as being “A Go Go” and mistakenly located in Palm Springs in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”.

Note: Legend has it that the Supremes first performed the famous traffic cop gesture on “Stop! In The Name Of Love” later this year during the recording of “Ready Steady Go” in the UK on March 18 and that the Temptations inspired them the gesture at the Cumberland Hotel in London according to Otis Williams (Ribowsky "The Supremes, A Saga..." p.199) or right before the show on this day (Taraborrelli "Call Her Miss Ross p.110) but the Supremes do it already on this show. They also did it on Shindig” and Hollywood Palace”, both recorded before the European tour.
February 22
LP “The Supremes Sing Country, Western and Pop” released (mostly recorded in 1963) (# 79 on pop charts).
February 23
Recording session for “There’s No Love Left” (unreleased).
February 24
- Vocals (lead & background) are recorded for “Back In My Arms Again”. Lead and new or additional background vocals on “Whisper You Love Me Boy” (see also January 13). Vocals on “He Holds His Owns”, “Who Could Ever Doubt My Love”. Lead vocals on “Too Hurt To Cry, Too In Love To Say Goodbye”, “It’s All Your Fault” ” (see also February 26 for the last two songs). 
- Broadcast of “Shindig” (ABC TV show). The Supremes perform “Eight Days A Week”, “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “You Can’t Do That” (recording date in California unknown).
February 25
Vocals probably recorded that day on “Cupid” in Los Angeles.
February 26
Vocals for the album “We Remember Sam Cooke”. Supremes overdub on “Too Hurt To Cry, Too In Love To Say Goodbye”, “It’s All Your Fault”.
February 27
Recording of “The Hollywood Palace”. The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love” (show aired March 27).
March 3
- Recording sessions for “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby”, “You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You”, “Little Miss Loser” and “Something For My Heart” according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” but it’s only the recording of the track, not the vocals (see also March 13).
- the Supremes perform at the NARM’s banquet in San Francisco (National Association of Record Merchandisers) along with Peter, Paul and Mary, Brenda Lee, Robert Goulet and Johnny Cash. The NARM Awards were announced at the banquet but the Supremes didn’t win any. 
March 5
Concert at the Woolsey Hall in New Heaven, CT. 
March 11
Vocals on “Shake” (see also February 26).
March 13
- LA Air date of “Shivaree”. The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “Baby Love” (NY airdate April 17).
- Lead vocals on “Fancy Passes” (one of several versions), “You’re Nobody ‘til Somebody Loves You”, “Something For My Heart”, “Little Miss Loser” (see also March 3).
March 14
The Supremes take off the Metropolitan airport (Detroit) to New York and then to London according to the Detroit Free Press (March 16, 1965 issue, p.47). Mary Wilson states in “Dreamgirl” that they left on March 12 which is probably erroneous and in conflict with the recording sessions on March 13. In “Supreme Glamour”, she writes the Supremes flew to London on March 16!
March 15
- Hudson Pulp & Paper Corp. releases Hudson Family Pack napkins containing full-color photos of 24 popular recording artists and groups (including the Supremes which are also featured on the package covers with Roger Williams and Benny Goodman) to supermarkets from New England to Florida. Artists and groups featured are: the Dave Clark Five, Peter Duchin, Ferrante and Teicher, Pete Fountain, Marvin Gaye, Bobby Goldsboro, Benny Goodman, Jay and the Americans, Jack Jones, the Kingston Trio, Billy J. Kramer, Major Lance, Trini Lopez, Manfred Mann, Garnet Mimms, the Miracles, Sandy Nelson, the Newbeats, the Supremes, Johnny Tillotson, the Village Stompers, Bobby Vee, Danny Williams and Roger Williams. 
- The Supremes land in London for the Tamla Motown Show tour in Europe. Arrival at the Cumberland Hotel.
March ~15-17
Concert and promo tour in Rotterdam, Holland. 
March 18
Recording of the TV show “The Sound Of Motown - Ready Steady Go!” at Rediffusion Studios in London/Wembley (special 1 hour long program devoted to the “Motown Sound” hosted by Dusty Springfield). Broadcast only on April 21, after the end of the European tour.
See February 18 about the choreography of "Stop! In The Name Of Love".
March 19
Launch of the Tamla Motown label in the UK. All the artists of the UK tour plus the Temptations participate to a special showcase at the EMI headquarters.
March 20
First British date of the “Tamla Motown Show” at the Astoria in Finsbury Park, London. 21 tour dates in England, Scotland and Whales, two shows per night.
March 21
- UK TV show “Sunday Night at the London Palladium”, the Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”.
- “Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Hammersmith. 
- Erroneous date in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” for the concert in Bournemouth – see March 27.
March 22
- Day off. 
- “Funny How Time Slips Away” erroneously credited as being released on single in press kits made in the early 80's and reproduced in Taraborrelli’s books, Diana Ross’s “Secret Of A Sparrow” and Adrahtas’s “Diana Ross The American Dreamgirl”. This single was not commercially released and if it exists (which is doubtful) it’s only on promo single. 
March 23
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Colston Hall in Bristol.
March 24
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Capitol Theater in Cardiff, Whales.
March 25
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Birmingham.
March 26
- The Supremes second appearance on “Ready Steady Go!” (but actually the first if one considers that the one hour special was not aired yet). The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”.
- “Tamla Motown Show” at the ABC Theater in Kingston.
March 27
- “Stop! In The Name Of Love” hits #1 on pop charts (mistaken on February 27 in Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl”).
- UK: broadcast of the radio show “Saturday Club”.
- “Tamla Motown Show” at the Winter Gardens in Bournemouth (erroneously dated on March 21 in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”).
- TV show “Hollywood Palace” broadcast (recorded February 27).
March 28
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Leicester.
March 29
- Day off for the Tamla Motown Show. 
-The Supremes are invited to a press conference and a showcase at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg (Germany) by Aberbach publishers and CBS records.
- Taping of the TV show “Musik Aus Studio B” that is broadcast on April 5.

The Supremes at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg.
The Supremes meet Chris Howland (host of the tv show Musik Aus Studio B) at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg.
Showcase at the Atlantic Kempinski Hotel in Hamburg.
March 30
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Manchester.
March 31
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Leeds.
April (-)
The T.A.M.I. show makes its debut in the UK renamed the Teen Age Command Performance. It’s also released in other European countries, at least in Sweden with the title “Beat Music-Show” (on the cover of the program: “I Årets Top-Pop-Parade Det Store Beat Music-Show”).
April 1
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Odeon Theater in Glasgow.
April 2
“Tamla Motown Show” at the ABC Theater in Stockton.
~April 2-3
Motown artists are invited by Lord and Lady Londonderry at Wynyard Hall Estate.
April 3
“Tamla Motown Show” at the City Hall in Newcastle.
April 4
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Empire in Liverpool.
April 5
- Day Off. 
- Germany: broadcast of the
TV show “Musik Aus Studio B”, the Supremes lip-synched “Thank You Darling” (show recorded on March 29). 
in an interview recorded in May 1966, Florence Ballard refers to a show in Hamburg, Germany, during which the backing tape they sung over broke. She most probably refers this show (threre's no other German TV show known in 1965).
April 6
“Tamla Motown Show” at the ABC Theater in Luton.
April 7
“Tamla Motown Show” at the ABC Theater in Chester.
April 8
“Tamla Motown Show” at the City Hall in Sheffield.
April 9
“Tamla Motown Show” at the ABC Theater in Wigan.
April 10
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Gaumont Theater in Wolverhampton.
April 11
“Tamla Motown Show” at the Gaumont Theater in Ipswich.
April 12
- LP “We Remember Sam Cooke” released (#75 on pop charts).
- “You Send Me” erroneously credited as being released on single in press kits made in the early 80’s and reproduced in Taraborrelli’s books, Diana Ross’s “Secret Of A Sparrow” and Adrahtas’s “Diana Ross The American Dreamgirl”. This single was not commercially released and if it exists (which is doubtful) it’s only on promo single.
- Last UK date of the “Tamla Motown Show” at the Guildhall in Portsmouth.
April 13
- The Supremes land in Paris at Le Bourget airport. During the day, they record a segment for the French TV show “Ni Figue, Ni Raisin” (the Supremes on the Champs Elysées causing a police intervention – show broadcast on French TV on May 24). This segment is re-used in “Swinging Time” aired January 22, 1966 (Detroit TV show). Also, photo sessions in different locations in Paris (Champs Elysées, Palais Garnier, Trocadero, bois de Boulogne…).
- Motortown Revue at the Olympia Music Hall in Paris. The show is recorded by the radio Europe n°1 and partially released on Tamla LP in November the same year (the complete concert is finally released in 2016). This is the end of the European Tour. According to Mary Wilson (Dreamgirl p.165) and Marc Ribowsky (The Supremes A Saga... p.203), the show is filmed for French TV. I personally have no information that would confirm this nor do I have on any broadcast.
Motown party after the show in Paris    
- Grammy nomination for best Rhythm & Blues recording (“Baby Love”). Nancy Wilson wins with “How Glad I Am”. (She’s mistaken with Ray Charles in the DVD “The Supremes – Reflections – The Definitive Performances 1964-1969” - Ray Charles won in 1964 - and the nomination is mistaken on February 20 and for Best R&B Group Vocal Performances in Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dreamgirl”). 
- Lead vocals on “Rock-A-Bye Your Dixie Melody” according to the booklet of “There’s A Place For Us” but this date can’t be exact as The Supremes were in Paris.
April 14-15
Diana Ross & Berry Gordy extend their stay alone in Paris at Hotel George V (and become romantically involved). 
This might sound out of subject here but as Tom Adrahtas writes in his book “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” better than I would: “The timing of this is important to know for more than prurient curiosity. Detractors over the years have tried to paint Diana Ross as someone who manipulated her way to the forefront of The Supremes through her personal relationship with Berry. That is patently untrue. Gordy recognized Diana Ross as a driving force – a supreme talent as it were – long before their relationship became intimate. The Supremes had had four No. 1 hits and a fifth already recorded, all with Diana as lead…” (p.38) 
April 15
- Background vocals on “Fancy Passes” (one of several versions), “Something For My Heart”, “Little Miss Loser”. 
- Single “Back In My Arms Again” released.
April 16
Background vocals on “Something For My Heart” (second day), “Big City Babies Don’t Cry”.
April 17
- Background vocals on “Rock-A-Bye Your Dixie Melody”, “Our Day will Come” (lead by Mary Wilson). 
- NY airdate of
“Shivaree”; The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”, “Baby Love” (LA airdate March 13).
April 18
Lead and background vocals for “(Love Is Like A) Heat Wave” (version one, unreleased until 2017). 
April 19
Background vocals on “You’re Nobody Till Somebody Loves You”.
The Supremes with Ariane Sorps shortly after the European tour. Ariane Sorps is a French model Berry Gordy and Diana Ross met in Paris (see Mary Wilson's "Dreamgirl" p.165-166).
April 21
TV show “The Sound Of Motown - Ready Steady Go!” broadcast on BBC, two weeks after the end of the UK tour (recorded March 18).
April 30
Taping and broadcast of the TV show “The Mike Douglas Show” (rebroadcast on May 5, and on May 14 in the Detroit area). 
TV.com gives April 30 for broadcast but the booklets of “More Hits Expanded” & “I Hear A Symphony Expanded” state May 5, 1965. According to an article in the Journal Herald (May 5, 1965), the “Mike Douglas Show… is taped in Cleveland and seen here on a two-week delay.” The newspapers in Ohio and New York show the same delay between the dates given in them and the site TV.com which are all ahead of time of around 15 days compared to the ones given in the newspapers of those States. 
A clipping in the Willoughby News-Herald (April 29, 1965 issue) shows that it was first broadcast in some areas on April 30.

May (-)
Single “Moonlight And Kisses” sung in German, is released in Germany, Holland and Switzerland, with a different picture sleeve in each country (see discography).
May 2
The Supremes leave Detroit to New York to tape “Hullabaloo!” (broadcast May 11) .
May 3
Lead and background vocals for “He’s All I Got”. Conflict with the info given by Mary Wilson on May 2 if the recording session is not held in New York.
May 5
Rebroadcast of the TV show “The Mike Douglas Show”. See also April 30 about those both dates. 
May 7
Recording session for “It’s The Same Old Song” (version 1) according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” but this concerns only the recording of the track according to the booklet of “A Go Go Expanded”. The vocals recording dates of this version 1 are unknown (see June 15 & 22, 1966 for version 2).
May 9
Recording of the TV show “The Swingin’ Kind” at the Michigan Consolidated Gas building in Detroit (broadcast on December 8).
Unfold below to read the story of this investigation and watch pictures of the show.
      It all begun with the picture on this CD...

      I couldn't relate this picture to any event that I knew of. All I could tell (as could any fan tell) is that is occurred in 1965 according to their outfits and wigs. This could be an outdoor concert, a TV show or whatever unknown event, celebration, inauguration, well, I had absolutely no idea. My favor and feeling went instinctively for an unknown TV show, but instinct isn't a proof and evidence had to be somewhere... waiting to be found.
      I first searched the web for other photos of the same event. There were some others on the Getty website, all imprecisely dated on January 1st 1965. Well, I soon noticed that all events on this website are credited on January 1st when it's not known when they happened, so it was definitely not its right date. But at least it confirmed it was in 1965 (as if I had any doubt on this!) and it labeled those photos from a TV show (of course with no name, it would have been too easy!). Hmmm, interesting... And, icing on the cake, a series of other photos I had never seen before, also from an outdoor TV show, but with the Supremes wearing blue gowns and with other buildings in the background... great, another TV show to look for! (Did I say I love to find traces of unknown, unreferenced TV shows?).

      Information on local TV shows are rather hard to find and all I had here was the buildings in the background to determine in which cities they were (at that moment I had no element to prove it was the same city and the same TV show). But let's concentrate on the first one, the one with the red outfits: they are performing in front of what looked to me like a fountain or a pool, and (I supposed) in the place of the photographer, should be a lawn, a place or a park with the audience facing the Supremes. There is also a building in the background on the left that is very recognizable. My first guess was that it could have happened at the Rockefeller plaza in New York, well, because it's a place often used for that kind of event. A rapid check on google street view proved I was wrong. Again, it would have been too easy...
      The next try was of course Detroit, the Supremes' home city. So here I was googling the streets of Detroit to search its fountains and public places in hope to locate this unmistakable building. After quite some time I found it near the Campus Martius Park but alas, whatever street angle I looked at this building (the Chase Tower), it wouldn't exactly match the picture of the CD: the city had changed so much since the 60s that I had to look for old photos to try to locate the exact place the Supremes were or it would put an end to the research. Unfortunately, even with old photos I couldn't determine the exact building the Supremes were in front of and I couldn't go any further. More precise details are needed to look for an unknown TV show than "Supremes Detroit TV show 1965" to hope to get any result on any browser. 
      Nevertheless, I continued to street view Detroit and luckily I identified the building behind the Supremes on the photos with their blue dresses: the Cobo Center. The proximity of the Pontchartrain Hotel led me to think (erroneously) that those photos were taken near or in front of this hotel. So I began to search in newspapers for any events linking the Supremes and the hotel in 1965... with no luck either. At least I knew both events happened in Detroit, but that was not much either.
      Around that time appeared on eBay some photos of those events. Showing a few different angles, they were mostly interesting because they were showing more of the surroundings and details of the pool in front of the Supremes, the guardrails, all of those details very specific to the building in front of which they were performing.  Among those photos, there was one, and only one, on which a statue could be seen with the Supremes wearing their blue outfits.

      So here I was browsing again the statues of Detroit, the streets of Detroit, the buildings of Detroit in search of this statue until I finally came across a picture of the Consolidated Gas Company Building on Woodward Avenue with this statue. It was definitely it. The guardrails, the pillars from the red gown photos, the statue, the Cobo Center from the blue gown photos, the fact that the microphones are the same and that the Supremes are wearing the same wigs on the blue and red photos, all this lead me to one only possible conclusion: those two series of photos are from one single event. A street view check showed me that the pool was not there anymore (hours lost to check the Detroit fountains! No wonder I didn't find it sooner). Good thing: Cobo and Chase could be seen from the Consolidated Gas building, but to my great surprise, they were a lot more far from it than I thought! On the red gown pictures the Supremes seem to be just one building away from the Chase Tower! No wonder again that I didn't find it sooner.

      Now I just had to browse "consolidated gas building" and "Supremes" to see the result. Not too many...but sometimes one is just enough. And it's exactly what I got: there was only one mention in the whole world wide web of the Supremes and this building by the creator of the show himself, Alan Lee, on the forum SoulfulDetroit (thank you for mentioning it!) who also named this show: "The Swingin' Kind". Ding, ding, ding, jackpot!
      Was it enough? No, I still had to find the exact date of broadcast at least. By checking the Detroit newspapers I found more: the days of broadcast and recording. Fulfilled mission.
      Any guess on how long it took me to come through all of this? Well, a bit more than two months... no kidding.
May 11
TV show “Hullabaloo!” (NBC). The Supremes perform “Back In My Arms Again” and more (see TVgraphy).
May 12
Vocal recording sessions for the Coca-Cola radio spots in New York. 
May 17
Vocal session for “Nothing But Heartaches” (working title: “I Can’t Break Away”). 
May 21
The Supremes on cover of Time magazine (picture from “Hullabaloo!”), it’s also their first national cover on a magazine in the USA.
May 24
Broadcast on French TV of the show “Ni Figue, Ni Raisin” with the Supremes lip-synching “Where Did Our Love Go” while on Champs Elysées – recorded April 13.
May 25
Recording session for “Love You Forever” (unreleased) according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”. It’s actually the working title of “Mother Dear” and May 25 the recording of the track, not the vocals.
May 28-31
Engagement at Steel Pier in Atlantic City, NJ. 
probably in June
(Before June 16). In the Boston Globe (June 16, 1965 issue): “The Supremes, … recently made a one night appearance in Boston.”
The Supremes on cover of the June edition of Ebony.
June (-)
Promo only single “The Only Time I’ Happy” b/w “Supremes Interview”. Exact date unknown (note that the booklet of “More Hits – Expanded” gives two different periods of release: June and July!). Mistaken with “Things Are Changing” in Diana Ross’s “Secret Of A Sparrow” and Adrahtas’s “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl”.
See August 13, November (-) and February 1966 for information about “Things Are Changing”.
June 10-11
Taping of the TV show “It’s What’s Happening Baby” to promote President Lyndon Johnson’s “War On Poverty” at Greenfield Village, Dearborn, MI (see also June 28).
June 10-11 is according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” but according to the Detroit Free Press (Sunday 13, 1965 issue), the Supremes spent Friday and Saturday (so June 11 and 12) with a CBS crew to tape this show.  
June 12
- “Back In My Arms Again” hits #1 on pop charts. 
- Concert at the Platters Dance Pavilion in Cadillac, Michigan.
June 13
Benefit concert for Retarded Children at the Cobo Arena in Detroit, MI (‘Detroit A Go Go’). Concert at 2:30 p.m., also with the Beau Brummels, Paul Peterson... 
June 17
Vocal overdub on “Sincerely” and “Mr. Sandman”. 
June 18
The Supremes perform at a debutante ball at the Country Club of Detroit in Grosse Pointe Farms (hosted by Ralph C. Wilson Jr. for his daughter, Christy Wilson). Florence Ballard is replaced by Marlene Barrow (of the Andantes).
See also February 1966.
June 19
Concert at the Convention Hall, Philadelphia, PA, with the Dave Clark Five, the Kinks and the Moody Blues.
June 21
Background vocals session for “Mother Dear” (version 1 = LP version on “More Hits By The Supremes”). 
June 22-27
Engagement at the Basin Street Club in Boston, MA. 
Marlene Barrow fills in for Florence Ballard according to John Clemente’s book “Girl Groups: Fabulous Females Who Rocked the World” (p.5).
June 23-July 10
According to Billboard (May 29, 1965 issue), the Supremes tour in Italy as the top attraction of the “Cantagiro” singing tour. But according to the Italian magazine “Giovani” (September 14, 1967 issue), the Supremes’ first visit to Italy was only in September or October 1967. So their participation in this tour is unsure and according to their other engagements, it would have been possible only between June 29 and 30 or July 2 to 8. The last evening of the tour is broadcast on Italian TV Rai Uno.
the dates given here are those of the complete Contagiro tour which also included 3 dates outside Italy (July 1 in Moscow, July 7 in Frankfurt and July 8 in Vienna). The Supremes were not contestants for the tour but guests and therefore they are not in the list of participants at https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cantagiro_1965. The TV show might also concerns only the contestants.
June 28
TV show “It’s What’s Happening Baby” (CBS), intended to promote President Lyndon Johnson’s “War On Poverty”. The Supremes perform “Stop! In The Name Of Love”. The show creates a stir because it shows an interracial audience dancing together. See also June 10-11.
Arrangement are made to include the Supremes (among many other artists) to be filmed in color for musicfilm-jukebox machines.
July 1
Benefit concert "Americans in Harmony," benefiting civil rights and local projects for the handicapped at the Band Shell at Belle Isle in Detroit, MI with the Supremes, Martha and the Vandellas, Marvin Gaye, the Four Tops, Jr. Walker and The All Stars, Brenda Holloway, the Contours, Tommy Good and the Tabs, Willie Tyler and Lester and The Choker Campbell orchestra.
The concert is stopped by the promoters of the benefit when the crowd became too noisy, making it "impossible" for the performers to work. Actually a large exceeding throng was coming to the concert (over 12,000 for a 5,000 park-bench capacity; the crowd was even estimated between 20 000 to 40 000 on all Belle Isle) and fighting erupted forcing the police to intervene. 
July 3
Lead and background vocals on an early version of “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart”, unreleased until “A Go Go Expanded” (partial version only). See also October 18.
July 5
TV show “To Tell The Truth”. The Supremes perform “Baby Love” (partially only) and “Back In My Arms Again”. Berry Gordy as mystery guest.
July 8
Vocals on “Too Much A Little Too Soon”. Mary Wilson refers to July 7 but it’s only the recording of the track, which is confirmed in the booklet of “More Hits by the Supremes – Expanded”.
July 9-15
Prior to the beginning of the concerts at the Copacabana, the Supremes test the show at the Riptide Night Club in Wildwood, NJ. 
The engagement is erroneously extended to July 19 in Billboard (July 3, 1965 issue).
According to Taraborrelli’s “Diana”, the Supremes tested their show at the Blinstrub’s Club in Boston prior to the Copacabana (p.66) but this is doubtful as they went at the Blinstrub later in October and he corrected it in his next books (“Call Her Miss Ross” & “An Unauthorized Biography” p.128).
July 16
Single “Nothing But Heartaches” released (#11 on pop charts).
July ~19
The Supremes arrive in New York two weeks before the Copacabana engagement for rehearsals.
Florence Ballard may have arrived a week later: according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” (p.173) and Tony Turner’s “All That Glittered” (p.56), Florence Ballard missed one week of rehearsals prior the Copa because she had the flu and "People", Flo's solo, was removed from the set list. This story is in conflict with the recording of the TV show on July 21.
July 21
Recording of the TV show “Jackie Gleason And His American Scene Magazine” (broadcast July 24). Hosted by Al Hirt during the summer.
July 23 or 27
LP “More Hits by the Supremes” released. (#6 on pop charts). 
July 23
- Concert at the Surf Ballroom (Nantasket Beach nightclub) in Nantucket (The Supremes and the Rockin’ Ramrods).
- Erroneous date for a concert at the Concord Resort Hotel in Kiamesha Lake, NY according to http://theconcertdatabase.com. According to the Detroit Free Press (July 23 issue), the Supremes’ debut at the Concord is on Sunday July 25.
July 24
- TV show “Jackie Gleason And His American Scene Magazine” (CBS). The Supremes perform “Nothing But Heartaches”. See also July 21
- Concert at the Concord Resort Hotel in Kiamesha Lake, NY according to http://theconcertdatabase.com but according to the Detroit Free Press (July 23 issue), the Supremes’ debut at the Concord is on Sunday July 25.
July 25
Concert at the Concord Resort Hotel in Kiamesha Lake, NY. 
July 28
TV show “The Tonight Show”. (Erroneously credited as the Jack Paar’s show in the More Hits Expanded booklet). Program unknown.
July 29
Berry Gordy’s sister Loucye Gordy Wakefield’s funeral in the morning in Detroit (the Supremes stayed in New York because of the Copa engagement).
July 29-Aug 18
3 weeks engagement at the Copacabana in New York City. Two shows a night and three on the weekends (the Copa, located at 10 East 60th Street, had a 400 seats capacity).  
Note: an appearance of the Supremes in the TV show “What’s My Line” is mistakenly situated during the first Copa engagement in Ribowsky’ “The Supremes A Saga…” (p.222) but the Supremes appeared on this show only during their 1966 and 1967 Copa engagements.
August 11-17
Watts riots in Los Angeles (while the Supremes are in New York).
August ~13-16
- The Supremes meet the Beatles at the Warwick Hotel in NY (the Beatles arrived in the USA on August 13, their concert at the Shea stadium was on August 15 and their next concert was in Toronto on August 17).
- According to Mary Wilson (“Dreamgirl” p.177 and “Supreme Glamour” p.76), the Supremes are in New York in August to tape an “Ed Sullivan Show” but this is off season and the next Ed Sullivan Show featuring the Supremes is on October 10.
August 13
Motown issues a press release announcing that the Supremes have recorded a jingle (“Things Are Changing”) for the Equal Employment Opportunity campaign. See also November 1965.
August 14
- TV show “Murray the K Continues” (broadcast). 
- The Supremes perform at the 35th Annual Bud Billiken Parade in Chicago, IL. 
August 18
 End of the engagement at the Copacabana in New York.
August 21
- Concert at the Oakland University’s Baldwin Pavilion at Meadow Brook in Rochester, MI. The Supremes share the bill with the Fugitives and New Gibson and Martin Trio, for the benefit of the scholarship fund. 
(after the Copa) Concerts at the Roostertail in Detroit (exact date unknown) according to J. Randy Taraborrelli in “Diana” (p.68 & picture backstage p.32 – but these photos can also be improperly credited like the one on the following page “Diana & Berry-Japan June 1966” as the tour in Japan was only in September 1966). Actually, no track of a Roostertail engagement has been found before the one in January 17-29, 1966 and because they also performed at the Michigan State Fair in September (2 to 4 - those were free concerts), the Supremes unlikely performed at the Roostertail until January 1966.
August (-)
August 26
A “Hollywood Palace” is listed in several biographies but this date is off season and therefore probably a re-air. Billboard’s August 14, 1965 issue also writes about a Hollywood Palace scheduled for this year fall but the next Hollywood Palace referenced and known is on October 29, 1966 (and not 1965): this one has probably been cancelled.
August 29
Recording date of the “Dean Martin Show” that is broadcast only on March 24, 1966. The show is recorded at the Burbank studios in LA.   
August 29 is erroneously credited in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”, Tom Adrahtas' “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” and the booklet of “More Hits Expanded” as being the broadcast of a “Dean Martin Show”. Several facts prove it’s not the broadcast date of this show (unfold below to read more on this) and confirmation was finally found in a document reproduced in Al Abrams's book "Hype & Soul!" on p.155.
See also November 18, 1965 and March 24, 1966 for additional information.
      The new season of Dean Martin shows begun only in September 16, 1965 and was broadcast on Thursdays. August 29, 1965 is a Sunday. (Moreover, August 29 is also the date on which Gemini V landed. The coverage of the event greatly impacted the TV programs – and by the way “Where Did Our Love Go” was played in space during the mission!). 
      Several sources (Jet magazine and the Detroit News TV Program of May 30 to June 5, 1965 with the Supremes on cover) state “In August, they’ll fly to Hollywood for a Dean Martin special on NBC.” 
      According to the Los Angeles Times (September 27, 1965 issue) the original air date scheduled for this show was November 18th: “…to meet at NBC in Burbank, where the Supremes were taping a Dean Martin show which will air November 18th…” This article obviously refers to the taping that occurred in late August. This airdate was postponed to March 24, 1966 for an unknown reason. Interestingly, the last part of the sentence ("which will air November 18th") was deleted from the copy of the article sent by the Fan Club on November 11, 1965. 
      In this show Dean Martin introduces the Supremes by saying: “Here are three young girls who had 5 hit records in a row…” This introduction clearly situates the recording of the show after June 12 and before their new number 1 hit on November 20, 1965. A picture of the Supremes with Herb Alpert taken during the rehearsal of this show is published in “Record World” (September 18, 1965 issue – in which the Supremes are wearing the same gowns than during the “Love Song” medley).
      The Supremes perform “Mother Dear” (see TVgraphy – March 24, 1966 for more information about the program). At that time, Berry Gordy considered releasing and promoting “Mother Dear” as the Supremes’ next 7” single. This is also the reason they sung “Mother Dear” on “the Red Skelton Hour” taped around the same time (see “end of August”) which was also broadcast only much later (January 1966). Even after being re-recorded several times (September 1965, March 1966), “Mother Dear” was finally not released on 7” single. 

August 30
The Supremes visit Harry Belafonte backstage at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles.  
End August
Recording of the TV show “The Red Skelton Hour” (in which they perform “Mother Dear”) in Hollywood (it’s before September 11 according to an article in the Pittsburgh Courier). Broadcast on January 25, 1966. See also August 29 about “Mother Dear”.  Note: according to the article in Variety “The Supremes Just Concluded The Copa”, this episode of “The Red Skelton Hour” was scheduled to be broadcast on September 21. It was obviously postponed to January 25, 1966 for an unknown reason, like the “Dean Martin Show”.
September 1
Background vocals for “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”, “Joy To The World”, "Little Bright Star" by Florence Ballard and Mary Wilson (they were later replaced by the Andantes on the latter). See also September 9 to 15 for lead vocals. 
Sept 2-6
Engagement at the Michigan State Fair (free concerts – 3 concerts per day).
In Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and “Supreme Glamour” the dates of this engagement are erroneously credited August 27-September 9: these are the dates of the whole Fair… whose exact dates are actually August 27-September 6! 
September (-)
(probably in September). Concert in a club at Grand Bahama Island (maybe the Camelot Room at the King’s Inn & Golf Club in Freeport? – for now only information about Diana Ross & the Supremes performing there have been found with no date yet).
September 4
Background vocals session for “Mother Dear” (version 2). 
September 8
Lead vocals on “Mother Dear” (version 2).
September 9
Lead vocals on “Rudolph, The Red-Nosed Reindeer”, “Santa Claus Is Coming To Town”, “My Favorite Things”, “Little Bright Star”, “Silent Night”, “O Holy Night”. The background vocals are replaced by those of the Andantes (Marlene Barrow, Jackie Hicks and Louvain Demps). 
September 10
- Taping of the TV show “Discophonic Scene” hosted by Jerry Blavat (local TV show in Philadelphia). Broadcast on September 11 (date guessed, see below)
- Concert at the John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia for the 11th Annual Hero Scholarship Fund Thrill Show.
September 11
Broadcast of the TV show “Discophonic Scene” hosted by Jerry Blavat (local TV show in Philadelphia). The Supremes perform “Nothing but heartaches” (taped on Friday afternoon and broadcast on Saturday). 
The dates September 10 & 11 are guessed according to the following facts: the show occured in late summer, was recorded on Friday afternoons and broadcast on Saturdays, and the Supremes were on Friday September 10 in Philadelphia for a concert.
September 13
TV show “Hullabaloo!”. The Supremes perform “Nothing but heartaches”, “Toot-toot-tootsie (with Sammy Davis Jr.) and a medley.
September 14
Lead vocals on “White Christmas”, “Little Drummer Boy”, “My Christmas Tree”, “The First Noel”.
September 15
- Lead vocals on “Silver Bells”, “Born Of Mary”, “Children’s Christmas Song”.
- Lead vocals on “Twinkle Twinkle Little Me”
(this session is held in New York according to the booklet of “50th Anniversary-the Singles Collection” which is most probably erroneous as the booklet of “The Ultimate Merry Christmas” states the sessions were held in Detroit). 
- Diana re-record in studio some of her part of the Copa live concert because of tape distortions.
September 17-26
Engagement at the Safari Room in San Jose, CA. 
September 18
TV show “Shivaree” according to some biographies but this is only a rebroadcast of the two Supremes previous performances on this show - see March 13). 
The Supremes in Los Angeles. In the September 25th issue of KRLA Beat: The Supremes are “in town to record the title tune to American International’s Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machines” (and in the September 18th issue of KRLA Beat: "the Supremes has just signed to record the title tune to AIP's "Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine").
September 28
Background vocals on "I Hear A Symphony" (working title “I Hear A Rhapsody”).
September 29
Lead vocals on "I Hear A Symphony".
September (-)
In “All That Glittered”, Tony Turner erroneously situates the Flamingo engagement before the new Supremes European tour of October 1965 (p.92), but the first time the Supremes were engaged at the Flamingo was in September 1966. Such an engagement in also mentioned in the Detroit Free Press (November 5, 1965 issue) as a past event but it’s also erroneous information as the November 7, 1965 issue of the Tennessean states: “…a Las Vegas debut, at the Flamingo Hotel, Sept. 29 0ct. 19 (1966)…”
September 30
- The Supremes fly off to represent the U.S. at Holland's annual popular song festival in Amsterdam (see October 2) and for a short European tour (to October 8). 
- Photo shoot with photographer Paul Huf in Amsterdam.
October (-)
Single “Thank You Darling” sung in German, is released in Germany, Holland and Switzerland. It reaches the top 20 in the German charts. See the discography for the specific picture sleeves.
October (-)
TV show “Steve Allen show” according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and Taraborrelli’s “Diana” but it’s unlikely correct as the last Steve Allen show was in 1964.
October (-)
KRLA Beat (August 28, 1965 issue ) erroneously states that the Supremes have a month long engagement at London’s Talk of the Town but the Supremes were in Europe only for a bit more than a week (around September 30 to October 8).
October (~1-8)
The Supremes visit Copenhagen in Denmark for interviews only. They didn’t perform. 
October 2
The Netherlands: “Grand Gala du Disque Festival in Amsterdam – The International Edison Awards” at the Congress Building. The Supremes represent the USA with a ¾ hour show. The show is also televised on Dutch and Belgium TV.  Erroneously credited on October 3 in KRLA Beat (October 2 issue) and Record World (September 18 issue). 
Amsterdam is followed by stops in Brussels and England.
October 6
Single “I Hear A Symphony” released.
October 7
Airdate of “Top Of the Pops” (UK), the Supremes perform “Nothing But Heartaches”.
October 8
- Airdate of “Ready, Steady, Go!” (UK) (“Nothing But Heartaches”).
- End of the European tour. 
October 9
Rehearsal for the Ed Sullivan show (probably).
October 10
TV show “The Ed Sullivan Show” (the Supremes perform “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You”). “I Hear A Symphony” is rehearsed for the show but cancelled.
October 12
Lead and background vocals on a re-cut track of “Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart” (released only in 1966). See also July 3. 
October 13
Gig at “Arthur”, the nightclub founded by Sybil Burton in New York, NY. 
October 15 
Concert at the Philharmonic Hall at the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York, NY. Concert posters and flyers made by Eula. Opening act: the Soul Brothers. 
October 18
TV show “Hullabaloo!” (the Supremes perform “I Hear A Symphony” and an all-stars medley– see TVgraphy).
October 16-24
Engagement at Blinstrub’s Club in Boston, MA. 
October 20-25
Erroneous dates for the engagement at Blinstrub’s Club in Boston in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”, Tony Turner’s “All That Glittered” (p.99) and the booklet “I Hear A Symphony Expanded”. The Detroit Free Press (August 19, 1965 issue) announces a 10 days engagement at the Blinstrub beginning October 15 but this must have been shortened because of the concert held at the Lincoln Center in New York.
Oct 25-Nov 7
Engagement at the Latin Casino in Philadelphia.
Erroneously credited on October 28 through November 3 as “Latin Quarter” in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and in the booklet of “I Hear A Symphony Expanded”. The first ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer in August (August 10, 1965 issue) actually give Oct 28-Nov 3 as dates for this Supremes’ engagement, and Oct 18-27 for Liza Minnelli and Nov 4-21 for Sophie Tucker. In mid-September all those engagements have been rescheduled and are as followed in September and October ads in the Philadelphia Inquirer: Oct 18-24 Liza Minnelli, October 25 through November 7 the Supremes (with Bobby Ramsen & the Agostinos), Nov 8-25 Sophie Tucker (the latter cancelled due to the flu and was replaced by Ted Lewis, George Jessel & Totie Fields). 
November (-)
Promo only single for radio “Things Are Changing” (for the Equal Employment Opportunity campaign) released (recorded in Los Angeles).
This release date is according to an article issued in Billboard (December 4, 1965 issue) telling that the radio kit including the Supremes record “was -mailed to radio stations two or three weeks ago” (this Billboard being released a few days before December 4, this would situate the release of the record around the beginning of November). It’s also promoted in the January 1st, 1966 issue of World Record –
according to this, it’s been erroneously credited as being released in February 1966 in the booklet Diana Ross & The Supremes Anthology – 2001 & “I Hear A Symphony Expanded”). See also August 13, 1965.
November 1
- Release of the LP “The Supremes At The Copa” (#11 on pop charts). 
- Release of the LP “Merry Christmas”.

November 3
- Recording session for “Here I Am Alone In Life” (unreleased) according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” but like most of the recording dates listed in her book, it’s most likely a track session and not a vocal session as the group was in Philadelphia for their engagement at the Latin Casino. 
- TV show “The Mike Douglas Show” (aired live from the studio in Philadelphia).
The Supremes perform for the second time on this show “Back In My Arms Again”. They also sing “Make Someone Happy”, “I Hear A Symphony” and “Queen Of The House”.

November 10-28
Two and a half weeks Bus tour (16 concerts) with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act (every concerts listed below).
November 10
First concert of bus tour  with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. The tour debuted at the Blackham Coliseum in Lafayette, LA.
November 11
Concert at the Mid-South Coliseum in Memphis, TN with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.
November 12
Concert at the Civic Center in Tulsa, OK with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. 
November 13
Concert  in Dallas, TX with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. (exact location unknown) 
November 14
- Concert at the Oklahoma State Fair Arena in Oklahoma City with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. Conflict with the benefit concert in New York (or is it an afternoon show?).
- The Supremes perform at a benefit concert to the USO: “USO A Go Go!” at the Madison Square Garden (NY) (show at 8 p.m.). Conflict with the concert in Oklahoma.
The Supremes (right) with Sammy Davis Jr. (left) backstage at the benefit concert in New York.
November 15
Debut of the month long recording sessions for the “I Hear A Symphony” album tracks.
November 16
Concert in Statesboro, GA with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. (exact location unknown) 
November 17
Concert in Savannah, GA with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. (exact location unknown) 
November 18
- Single “Children’s Christmas Song” released. 
- Concert at the City Auditorium in Atlanta, GA, with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. 
- the broadcast originally planned on November 18 of the TV show “Dean Martin Special” is postponed (see also August 29, 1965 and March 24, 1966). NBC aired instead “Hallmark Hall of Fame: Inherit the Wind” from 9 p.m. to 11:15 p.m., followed by the Tonight Show. (Erroneously credited as being broadcast on November 18 in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl”). 
- The picture on page 22 of the booklet of the Ultimate Merry Christmas CD is miscredited: the photo wasn’t taken on November 18 but on October 18, 1965 at the end of “I Hear A Symphony” on Hullabaloo.
November 19
Concert at the Township Auditorium in Columbia, SC, with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act. The Shirelles are also on the same bill. 
November 20
- “I Hear A Symphony” hits # 1 on pop charts for two weeks.
Concert at the Universty Hall in Charlottesville, VA with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.
November 21
Concert in the afternoon at 1:30 p.m. at the Carmichael Auditorium (University of North Carolina) in Chapel Hill, NC, during the Beat Dook weekend and with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.  
November 22
The Supremes arrive in Nashville, TN, and relax at the Pinnacle Bowling Lanes.
November 23
Day off.
November 24
- Recording session for “(I Know I’m) Losing You” (unreleased) according to Mary Wilson but it’s unlikely a vocal session as the Supremes were currently on a bus tour with the Lovin’ Spoonful: it’s most probably the recording of the track. This song was also later recorded with the Temptations.  
- Concert at the Municipal Auditorium in Nashville, TN,
with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.
November 25
Concert at the Raleigh Memorial Auditorium in Raleigh, NC, with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.
November 26
Concert at the Lyric Theatre in Baltimore (MD) with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act (2 shows: 8 & 10:30 p.m.).
November 27
Concert at the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro (NC) with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act (show at 8:30 p.m.).
November 28
Concert at the Charlotte Coliseum in Charlotte, NC (afternoon show at 3 p.m.) with the Lovin’ Spoonful as opening act.
Last concert of the bus tour with the Lovin' Spoonful.
November 29
- Lead vocals on "Yesterday", "A Lover's Concerto", “All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings”. 
- Release of the LP “The Motortown Revue In Paris”.
November 30
Lead vocals on "Stranger In Paradise", "Unchained Melody", "With A Song In My Heart" (all those three songs recorded in one take according to Lamont Dozier), "Without A Song", "A Lover's Concerto", “Wonderful, Wonderful”.
Concert at the Cocoanut Grove in Los Angeles before President Johnson erroneously situated in 1965 by J. Randy Taraborrelli in “Diana” (p.74). The Supremes are supposed the have first met President Johnson during their engagement at the Cocoanut Grove in June 1967 (see June 13-26, 1967). Moreover, an article in the newspaper KFWB/98 (Los Angeles) of November 1, 1966 states: “…In between buying dresses, etc., Diane discussed the possibility of playing in Los Angeles. ‘This is one town we have never played and we really would like to. The problem is that we haven’t found the right place. I don’t feel that the Coconut Grove is quite right for us…’ said Diane…” (reproduced here as in the article, with the typo!)
December 1
- Background vocals on "Without A Song", “Wonderful, Wonderful”.
- Concert at the IMA Auditorium in Flint, MI. 
December 2
Background vocals on "Stranger In Paradise", "Unchained Melody", "My World Is Empty Without You" (also lead vocals for the latter – Florence is not on record and replaced by Marlene Barrow of the Andantes according to Taraborrelli ("Call Her Miss Ross" p.141), Ribowsky ("The Supremes A Saga..." p.240), Adrahtas ("Diana Ross The American Dream Girl" p.94): does it mean that Florence is not on any songs recorded that day?), “All Of A Sudden My Heart Sings”. 
Supremes dub in “Everything Is Good About You”.
December 3
The Supremes perform at the University of Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Winter Formal (two shows).
This is their first appearance on a campus. After the success of these sold out concerts, Berry Gordy organizes a College tour (“Hitsville USA to Collegeville USA Tour”) in early spring of 1966 but the Supremes are not part of it.
December 4-11
Engagement at the Twin Coaches, Pittsburg, PA. 
December 6
A “Hullabaloo!” is listed in Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” and also announced in the November 6, 1965 issue of KRLA Beat and in Variety (September 1, 1965 issue) but there’s no appearance of the Supremes in the show broadcast on this day and it’s been postponed to December 13.
December 8
Broadcast of the TV show “The Swingin’ Kind” on WXYZ-TV (Detroit channel 7), recorded on May 9 at the Michigan Consolidated Gas building in Detroit. Main guests are the Supremes and the Temptations.
(Two other “The Swingin’ Kind” shows were recorded: one at the Metropolitan Beach, recorded June 23&24 on aired August 1, and the other one at the Edgewater Park in Cleveland, taped in early July and aired on October 13. Those two other shows were with other Motown artists than the Supremes: Marvin Gaye, the Miracles...).
See also May 9. 
December 9
Rehearsal and taping of “Hullabaloo!” (broadcast on December 13).
Possible conflict with the engagement in Pittsburg (4-11). 
December 13
TV show “Hullabaloo!” The Supremes perform “Children’s Christmas Song”, “My favorite things” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”.
December 15
- The Supremes visit the Bishop school in Detroit.
TV show “Where The Action Is” according to Mary Wilson’s “Dreamgirl” and Adrahtas’ “Diana Ross The American Dream Girl” but no other traces of the Supremes on this show than the Pilot episode (taped on February 18, 1965) have been found.
See also July (-), 1966 (after July 4, 1966).
December 16
The Supremes make an appearance at the Shamrock Hilton DJ Party in Houston, Texas. 
December 17
- Taping of the “Larry Kane Show” from Houston: “I Hear A Symphony”.
- The Supremes open for Judy Garland at the Houston Astrodome. 
December 18
Broadcast of the “Larry Kane Show”.
December 20
- In Detroit: ABC-TV film segments for “The Anatomy Of Pop: The Music Explosion” (broadcast February 15, 1966).
- A Hullabaloo is announced in the 1965 winter fan club newsletter and an ad published in late 1965 but has been aired the previous week (see December 13).
Dec 23-Jan 1
Engagement at the Café Pompeii at the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami, FL. 
December 29
Single “My World Is Empty Without You” released (#5 on pop charts).
December 31
The Supremes at the Orange Bowl Parade in Miami, also broadcast on TV (on NBC). The Supremes rode in the “Life In Gay Paree” float. The Parade is also rebroadcast on January 1st, 1966.
1965 / early 66
Concert at Lake Tahoe, NV – recorded for an unreleased live LP (MS 640).