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from and after 1970

A side: Corner Of The Sky (live)
B side: You

Ref: TMO-10582
Release date: 1974
Note: Single not released in the USA.

A side: Do You Know Where You're Going To
B side: No One's Gonna Be A Fool For Ever

Ref: TMO.10955
Release date: 1975
Note: This is the only picture sleeve known to exist in Australia in the 70s .

A side: It's My Turn
B side: Together

Ref: M1496
Release date: 1980
Note: -

A side: Diana Ross & Julio Iglesias: All Of You
B side: Julio Iglesias: The Last Time

Ref: BA 223207
Release date: 1984
Note: -

A side: Touch By Touch
B side: Fight For It

Ref: CP.1341
Release date: 1984
Note: -

Various artists.
A side: We Are The World
B side: Grace (Quincy Jones)

Ref: BA 3275
Release date: 1985
Note: -

A side: Eaten Alive
B side: I'm Watching You

Ref: CP.1570
Release date: 1985
Note: -

A side: Chain Reaction
B side: More And More

 CP -1632
Release date: 1985/86
Note: -

A side: Experience
B side: Oh Teacher

Release date: 1986
Note: -

A side: Dirty Looks
B side: So Close

Ref: EMI 1961
Release date: 1987
Note: -

A side: Workin' Overtime (7" version)
B side: Workin' Overtime (Instrumental vers. - 6'12)

 EMI 2220
Release date: 1989
Note: -

A side: Paradise
B side: We Stand Together

Ref: EMI 2262
Release date: 1989
Note: -