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from and after 1970
M 1165  -  1970
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) - b/w: Dark Side Of The World

M 1169  -  July 1970
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - b/w: Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow

M 1176  -  December 1970
Remember Me - b/w: How About You

M 1184  -  May 1971
Reach Out I'll Be There - b/w: (They Long To Be) Close To You

M 1188F  -  July 1971
Surrender - b/w: I'm A Winner

M 1192F  -  1971
I'm Still Waiting - b/w: A Simple Thing Like Cry

M 1211F  -  1972
Good Morning Heartache - b/w: God Bless The Child

M 1239F  -  1973
Touch Me In The Morning - b/w: I Won't Last A Day Without You

M 1280F  -  1973
You're A Special Part Of Me - b/w: I'm Falling In Love With You
Note: duets with Marvin Gaye.

M 1278 F  -  December 1973
Last Time I Saw Him - b/w Save The Children

M 1269F  -  February 1974
My Mistake (Was To Love You) - b/w: Include Me In Your Life
Note: duets with Marvin Gaye.

M 1295F - May 1974
Sleepin' - b/w: You

M 1296F  -  1974
Don't Knock My Love - b/w: Just Say, Just Say
Note: duets with Marvin Gaye.

M 1335F  -  February 1975
Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right - b/w Together

M 1377F  -  1975
Do You Know Where You're Going To - b/w: No One's Gonna Be A Fool For Ever

A side: I Thought It Took A Little Time (But Today I Fell In Love)
B side: After You

Ref: M 1387F
Release date: February 1976
Note: DJ copy.

M 1392F  -  1976
Love Hangover - b/w: Kiss Me Now

M 1398F  -  1976
One Love In My Lifetime - b/w: You're Good My Child

M 1427F  -  October 1977
Gettin' Ready For Love - b/w: Confide In Me

M 1436F  -  February 1978
Your Love Is So Good For Me - b/w: Baby It's Me

M 1442F  -  May 1978 
You Got It - b/w: Too Shy To Say

MCA-40947  -  September 1978
Ease On Down The Road - b/w: Poppy Girls
Note: From the film The Wiz. A side: duet with Michael Jackson.

M 1455F  -  1978
Pops, We Love You (vocal) - b/w: Pops, We Love You (instrumental)

M 1456F  -  January 1979
What You Gave Me - b/w: Together

A side: The Boss
B side: I'm In The World

Ref: M 1462F
Release date: 1979
Note: -

M 1471F  -  October 1979
It's My House - b/w: Sparkle

M 1494X  -  1980
Upside Down - b/w: Friend To Friend

M 1491X  -  1980
I'm Coming Out - b/w: Give Up

M 1496X  -  September 29, 1980
It's My Turn - b/w: Together

M 1508X  -  February 1981
One More Chance - b/w: After You

M 1513X  -  June 1981
Cryin' My Heart Out For You - b/w: To Love Again

M 1519X  -  1981
Endless Love (Vocal) - b/w: Endless Love (Instrumental)

M 1523X  -  November 1981
Medley Of Hits (Diana Ross & the Supremes) - b/w: Where Did We Go Wrong (Diana Ross)

PB-12349  -  1981
Why Do Fools Fall In Love - b/w: Think I'm In Love

PB-13021  -  January 1982
Mirror, Mirror - b/w: Sweet Nothings

PB-13201  -  1982
Work That Body - b/w: Two Can Make It

PB-13348  -  September 1982
Muscles - b/w: I Am Me
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

PB-13424  -  January 1983
So Close - b/w: Fool For Your Love

PB-13549  -  1983
Pieces Of Ice - b/w: Still In Love

PB-13671  -  1983
Let's Go Up - b/w: Girls

38 04507  -  1984
All Of You (duet with Julio Iglesias) - b/w: The Last Time (Julio Iglesias)
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

A side: Swept Away
B side: Fight For It

Ref: PB-13864
Release date: 1984
Note: -

A side: Missing You
B side: We Are The Children Of The World

Ref: PB-13966
Release date: 1984
Note: -

A side: Telephone
B side: Fool For Your Love

Ref: PB 14032
Release date: 1985
Note: -

7BEN 04839  -  1985
We Are The World (various artists) - b/w: Grace (interp. Quincy Jones) 
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

PB-14181  -  1985
Eaten Alive - b/w: I'm Watching You
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

A side: Chain Reaction
B side: More And More

Ref: PB-14244
Release date: 1986
Note: A side also rereleased also as 'Special New Mix'.

5172-7-R  -  May 1987
Dirty Looks (Edited Version)  - b/w: So Close
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

A side: Tell Me Again
B side: I Am Me 

Ref: 5297-7-R
Release date: October 1987
Note: -

MCA-53448  -  November 5, 1988
If We Hold On Together - b/w: If We Hold On Together (instrumental) 
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

MOT-1964  -  1989
Workin' Overtime - b/w: Workin' Overtime (Instrumental)
Note: released with a picture sleeve.

MOT-1998  -  1989
This House - b/w: Paradise
Note: release with company sleeve only.