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Diana Ross  (1980 to present)  

A side: Upside Down
B side: Friend To Friend

Ref: 3C 006-63976
Release date: 1980
Note: -

A side: It's My Turn
B side: Together

Ref: 3C 006-64127
Release date: 1980
Note: A side from the soundtrack of the film "It's My Turn".

A side: Endless Love  (duet with Lionel Richie)
B side: Endless Love (instrumental)

Ref: 3C 006-64583
Release date: 1981
Note: from the soundtrack of the film "Endless Love".

A side: Why Do Fools Fall In Love
B side: Think I'm In Love

 3C 006-86442
Release date: 1981
Note: -

A side: Muscles
B side: I Am Me

Ref: 3C 006-86609
Release date: 1982
Note: -

A side: Pieces Of Ice 
B side: Still In Love

Ref: 06 1867047
Release date: 1983
Note: -

A side: All Of You  (duet with Julio Iglesias)
B side: The Last Time (Julio Iglesias) 

Ref: CBS A 4522
Release date: 1984
Note: -

A side: Touch By Touch 
B side: Fight For It

Ref: 006-20.03.207
Release date: 1984
Note: -

A side: Missing You 
B side: We Are The Children Of The World

Ref: 06 200456 7
Release date: 1985
Note: -

Various artists
A side: We Are The World
B side: Grace (interp. Quincy Jones)

Ref: A 6112
Release date: 1985
Note: with picture sleeve (identical to most contries).

A side: Eaten Alive
B side: I'm Watching You

Ref: 06-2007847
Release date: 1985
Note: -

A side: Chain Reaction
B side: More And More

Ref: 06 2009257
Release date: 1985/86
Note: -

A side: Dirty Looks
B side: So Close

Ref: 06 201 842 7
Release date: 1987
Note: -

A side: Workin' Overtime (7" version)
B side: Workin' Overtime (instrumental)

Ref: 06 203354 7
Release date: 1989
Note: -

A side: This House  
B side: Chain Reaction (live) 

Ref: 06 2036067
Release date: 1989
Note: -

The next singles sold in Italy and released in the 1990s were made the EEC with no specific country labeled.

A side: I Will Survive (Diana Ross)
B side: Lemon Tree (Fool's Garden)

Ref: 1 79643 7
Release date: 1996
Note: Promo only.