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Diana Ross  (1970-1979)  

( - ) 1970 
Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand) - b/w: Dark Side Of The World

6750 - 1970
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - b/w: Can't It Wait Until Tomorrow

A side: Ain't No Mountain High Enough / Something On My Mind
B side: Reach Out And Touch / These Things Will Keep Me Loving You

Ref: MOT 10439
Release date: 1970
Note: Open sleeve. Same front and back cover.

A side: Surrender / A Simple Thing Like Cry
B side: Remember Me / And If You See Him

Ref: MOT 10658
Release date: 1973
Note: Open sleeve.

Various artists.
A side: Diana Ross: Surrender / Jakson 5: Maybe Tomorrow / Rare Earth: I Just Want To Celebrate
B side: Marvin Gaye: Mercy Mercy Me / The Supremes: Touch / Stevie Wonder: If You Really Love Me

Ref: TAM-EPROM 003
Release date: (1971 ?)
Note: Promo EP.

6829 - 1971
Remember Me How - b/w: About You 

7416 - 1973
Touch Me In The Morning - b/w: I Won't Last A Day Without
A side: Touch Me In The Morning / Didn't You Know (You'd Have To Cry Sometimes)
B side: I Can't Give Back The Love I Feel For You / I'm A Winner

Ref: MOT 10709
Release date: 1973
Note: Open sleeve.

7501 - 1973
Last Time I Saw Him Save The Children 

A side: Last Time I Saw Him / Turn Around / You 
B side: When Will I Come Home To You / Love Me / I Heard A Love Song 

Ref: MTAM-007
Release date: 1973
Note: Long box gatefold mini LP with thick cardboard sleeves.

7579 - 1974
Don't Knock My Love - b/w: Just Say, Just Say 
Note: duets with Marvin Gaye. 

A side: Do You Know Where You're Going To 
B side: No One's Gonna Be A Fool For Ever

Ref: 7856
Release date: 1975
Note: Open sleeve.

A side: Do You Know Where You're Going To / Ain't Nothing But A Maybe
B side: Love Hangover (7'48")

Ref: MOT 10799
Release date: 1976
Note: Open sleeve.

Varios "Los Grandes Zarpazos De La Pantera"
A side: Natalie Cole: This Will Be / Eric Carmen: All By Myself / Bay City Brothers: Saturday Night 
B side: Helen Reddy: Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady / Barry Manilow: I Write The Songs / Diana Ross: Do You Know Where You're Going To

Ref: EPROM-007
Release date: 1976
Note: Promo EP. Open sleeve.

Varios Discotech # 3
A side: Love Hangover  (7'48")
B side: The Temptations: Ley De La Terra / Commodores: The Bumpin'

Ref: MOT 10808
Release date: 1976
Note: Open sleeve.

8098 - 1978
Top Of The World - b/w: Baby It's Me 

A side: Lovin' Livin' And Givin'
B side: Baby It's Me

Ref: 8216 / 33C 006-62115
Release date: 1978
Note: Open sleeve.

A side: The Boss
B side: I'm In The World

Ref: MN 02
Release date: 1979
Note: Open sleeve.

A side: It's My House
B side: I Ain't Been Licked

Ref: MN 10
Release date: 1979
Note: Open sleeve.

Since a few years, Mexican original 7" vinyls are sold on eBay (mostly from the sellers barbacoa and pokajurecords) with bootleg picture sleeves. Most of the time the quality of the paper and the print quality speak for themselves once you have a copy in your hand but it's hard to tell from the auction site. It would be easier to avoid them if thess seller would only sell bootlegs but it's not always the case.

Here's a sample of bootleg sleeves I spotted on eBay.