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      Diana Ross is undoubtedly one of the most successful female entertainers of the 20th century. As lead singer of the Supremes, she reached 12 times the number one position in the charts within six years (from 1964 to 1969) and was only topped by the Beatles in the 60s. Six other #1 hits crowned her solo career, needless to say there’s many more worldwide. She’s been in the charts for almost 40 years without interruption and therefore she’s a major international figure of pop music; her voice, her beauty and her innate sense of style are her trademark, her signature. Diana Ross has been awarded as the “most successful female solo pop performer of all time” in the Guinness Book of Records in 1993 and is since the recipient of the most prestigious awards and accolades of the American business industry and the American society. 
“Go For Your Dreams” is a sentence she frequently calls out to the audience during her concerts which she most probably applied to herself. She had dreams, and surely used all her skills to reach them. Often criticized to be a strong-willed woman, and even hated for it, she is now claimed to be a role model by many Afro-American female artists and celebrities. With the Supremes, she helped to put down social and color barriers thanks to their numerous crossover hits and also by being a very visible act on American TV in the 60s. [Two specific and historically documented examples come to my mind among many others to illustrate the background. The first one on June 28, 1965 during the TV show “It's What's Happening Baby!” the simple fact that the Supremes sung surrounded by a mixed audience dancing together caused a big commotion among politicians. The second one is the fact that they were one of the first black act along with the Temptations to have an entire prime time hour show on national television: “Diana Ross and the Supremes with the Temptations TCB Special” and that happened only on December 9, 1968 ! ]  
      Music critics tend to praise mostly what I would call “three in one” artists (author-composer-performers) or more “rock” artists and to my point of view, Diana Ross, being mostly “solely” a performer, is often not given as much credit as she deserves. Diana Ross has an incomparable talent to adapt and interpret a song. She is an incredibly gifted performer, one of the best in pop-soul-contemporary music, as well as a fantastic entertainer. Her voice is of course unique, captivating. 
“Go For Your Dreams” pays tribute to this amazing artist by displaying in the most exhaustive and most definite possible way the different aspects of her career, and notably: 

- an extremely detailed, almost encyclopedic, timeline that lists almost every events linked to Diana Ross’s career (read the introduction of the timeline section to learn more about how it is build and some tips on how to use it).
- a discography, whose 7” singles section fills some gaps that are unfortunately common to the other websites, and that displays around 1000 7” singles and EPs mostly with picture sleeves (some of them I guess you’ve never seen before) and even a 78rpm!; and whose album section is completed with unreleased material (more details in the discography introduction

- an illustrated TVgraphy which doesn’t only contains the TV shows aired on national US channels but also many local and international TV shows 

      It takes a lot of time to compile and to organize all the data and many parts of this site are still under construction. To quote Diana Ross during her famous concert in Central Park in 1983: “it took me a lifetime to get here” and I’m still at the beginning of it. So please be patient and come back often to check the updates! And I, I go for my dream.

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